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A warm welcome to the wonderful world of cloth nappies! We are SACNU (South Africa's cloth nappy user association), your friendly cloth nappy experts. The Facebook community was started in 2013 and grew so rapidly that we soon realised there was a big need for good, solid information on the web to help you start your cloth journey, and hence our website was started.


Our mission is to foster a love for cloth nappies and share information, provide services, easy comprehensive and simple links, so that you can not only use cloth nappies successfully, but love it too!


We are passionate about providing sound and scientific information. The information has been written by experienced cloth users so you can be sure that all and any data on this website has been thoroughly researched and tested.


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As the cloth nappy industry grew, so did the amount of retailers and brands and we soon noticed a big need from cloth nappy users to have a central point where they can explore different types and brands of cloth nappies, therefore we created Find My Nappy to help new cloth nappy users navigate and find their perfect nappy.

We fund our website by having advertising packages for retailers, more info here. To find the retailers list go here

All the information you would ever want about cloth: I'm New, Washing, Cloth Myths, Troubleshoot, DIY and Retailers

You can read more about the history of SACNU here.


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Meet Our Team

Catherine Dowie


Founder of SACNU, Catherine used to run Little Sam's and was South Africa's exclusive importer of Grovia. She is a teacher by profession. She has three children, She lives in Johannesburg and loves to write, read and travel.

Amanda Huysamen
Amanda Huysamen


This is Amanda.  She lives in Malmesbury with her husband and homeschools her two children.  She was the owner of Doodlebums, one of SA's first online nappy stores. She now sews Doodlebooty garments part time. 

Marisa Hendricks
Marisa Hendricks


Marisa is passionate about cloth nappies, babywearing and breastfeeding and is the blogger behind Hippie Safari. She is married, with three children and works as a financial manager. 

Gerda Kriek


Gerda is a mom, an engineer and a farmer. She believes in respectful parenting, living environmentally-conscious and continuously improving her business. So naturally she cloth nappied her three children and enjoys exploring all types and brands of cloth.