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SACNU's Night Nappy Challenge

According to our surveys 25,4% of cloth nappy users do not use cloth nappies at night. We want to create awareness around night cloth and help you cloth diaper more successfully - even at night! Let's show everyone how easy it is to do cloth night nappies!

Already use night nappies? Please join the challenge to help create awareness
Never used cloth night nappies before? This is the time to try! We will be with you every step of the way, follow the group the next few weeks leading up to the challenge to see all the tips and ask us questions so we can help you get the perfect night nappy solution

Sign up HERE, To buy night nappies, explore HERE.


  • Only cloth nappies may be used for 7 nights

  • You must test your Little One's output each morning and submit the results here

  • You must use at least 2 different types or brands of night nappies

(Example 1: if you want to use only one brand you need a variety in types so then you use the same brand of flats and fitteds, Brand X flat and brand X fitted

 Example 2: if you want to use just one type for example fitteds you can use 2 different brands of fitteds to           qualify, brand X fitted and brand Y fitted). The more variety you have in brands and types the better though, it gives you experience with different fits, absorbencies and ease of use.

You will receive a form to fill in after you have completed the night nappy challenge

Click Here!

Bloggers, here is the theme for each day during challenge week: (2-8 July 2018)

Day 1: Why are you doing the night nappy challenge?
Day 2: What is in your night nappy stash?
Day 3: What is your favourite night nappy and why?
Day 4: Testing output - Do you have a light, medium or heavy wetter?
Day 5: Open topic
Day 6: What challenges are you experiencing? What is working for you?
Day 7: What did you learn? How did the challenge go?

Official tags: #sacnuchallenge #clothnightnappy #nightnappychallenge2018

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