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SACNU Community Boxes

SACNU was started to help people cloth diaper successfully and we would love to assist the less fortunate as well. With that in mind we are launching Community Boxes. .

What is a community box?
It’s a box filled with everything a person will need to cloth diaper a baby from newborn to potty learning (without a washing machine). Community boxes are made in batches of 5 and as soon as they are done, we open submissions to sponsor them. These boxes go to less privileged parents to lessen their financial burden.


Disposables, barrier creams and wet wipes for one child until 2.5 years old can cost between R14 160 - R20 160 on average for a household (not taking inflation costs etc into account) so this box can mean HUGE savings for a family

What is in the box?

Standard Box:

  • Bucket and plunger (easier hand washing if no washing machine facility)

  • 14 flannel flats (75 x 75cm)

  • 6 bamboo flats (70 x 70cm)

  • 2 Snappies

  • 4 OS Biddykins PUL covers

  • 5 nb Biddykins PUL covers

  • 8 cloth wipes

  • A packet of Sunlight green bar soap with a recipe to make sunlight gel for washing

  • Information booklet on successfully using cloth

Flats are affordable, durable, easy to wash and quick to dry, whilst being thirsty, trim and versatile (can be used for nights and day). This box is intended for less privileged people that do not have a washing machine. Hand washing is more feasible when done daily, the amount of nappies and the bucket with plunger will lighten the load of hand washing.

The contents of the community boxes are gender neutral and can not be edited.

Thanks to Biddykins for the quick service and great price for the flats, covers and wipes

How do I sponsor a box?

You can contact us via email or PM us on our FB page and let us know you want to sponsor a box. These boxes are aimed at businesses that want to give back to the community. We've made it easy by compiling everything into one handy box. You can either sponsor a complete box for R1600 or sponsor a box partially for R400 (4 people share to donate a complete box)

How can I apply to receive a box?

We are currently accepting recommendations for an NGO, safe house or family in need near you, you can submit your recommendation here. Please make sure they have a postal address.

Feedback from people that have received a box:

Our Tester boxes sponsored by Bloubank Estates Bk has gone out to this lovely family

2 boxes sponsored to moms in need at Ethembeni HIV, AIDS and TB Ministry

1 box sponsored to Bonay van der Schyff's cause to help the less privileged

1 box sponsored to Tanya Koekemoer

Who has sponsored a box:


A BIG thank you to our round 1 sponsors so far! We still have box 5 and 2 spots in box 4 open for sponsorship


Box 1: Gerda Kriek

Box 2: Bloubank Estates BK

Box 3: Group sponsorships by: Carika Barnard Havenga, Alison Adendorff, Helena Weideman

Box 4: Group sponsorships by: Isabella Zimmer, Nadia Roelof du Plooy

What will it cost to sponsor a box?

Full box: R1600

Partial sponsorship (4 needed to complete the box): R400

The sponsor can nominate their own charity as well on the above mentioned form (The charity needs a postal address please). However, Please note that recipients of the box will still be selected randomly, so there is no guarantee that the family/NGO/safe house etc you nominated will be selected.

For what will the sponsor pay?

The cost of the boxes (to sponsors) are purely to cover the items, shipping and handling fees of making the community box.

What is SACNU's part?

The project was initiated and is managed by SACNU after we've received several requests from people wanting to help a mom in need. We source, pack and prepare each box and will send it out to the designated household (Randomly drawn from submissions by members or nominated by the sponsor). We will also update this page to share the stories of the recipients and sponsors.

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