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Like the Baby-Fings page  here

Go to the Baby-Fings website here and find one of the three little piggies and take a screenshot

Join the Tomfips group here

Like the Tomfips page here

Go to the SACNU group specific topic here and post your Baby-Fings screenshot and tell us one of the unique products Tomfips makes


- This specific competition is only valid on 25 November 2020 and if all steps were completed accurately

- Each completed entry will get 10 Gingerbread cookies, the first 6 to complete the hunt will receive additional bonus potions!

- Only open to residents of South Africa

- SACNU or SACNU's administrators won't be held responsible for the prizes

- Facebook does not carry any responsibility in this competition and can not be held liable for any problems or inconvenience

- All normal SACNU rules apply