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Congratulations !

You have found a hidden SACNU turns 8 game!


Let's celebrate our top sponsor The Nappy Emporium:

1. Collect the following item and take a photo (no screenshots! must be in your posession/own photo):

- Any item that The Nappy Emporium sells, have a look on their website here for ideas. Be creative if you don't own something they sell, use something to represent them

2. Answer the following questions:

- What prize did The Nappy Emporium sponsor for SACNU's birthday week?

- Your favourite thing about The Nappy Emporium is...?

3. Make a new post on the SACNU group here. Post your photo and explain your item and answer the above questions and then tag Gerda Kriek

This is a flash game, the first 5 people to complete it will win 10 stars so hurry up!

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