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Like the Growing Paper page here  and have a look at what seeded paper product you would order

Go to the SACNU group specific topic here and tell us which Growing Paper product you would order and post the Origami Eco screenshot here

Go to the Origami Eco webiste here and take a screenshot of a jungle themed nappy

Like the Kiki Vest Extenders page here


- This specific competition is only valid on 23 November 2022 and if all steps were completed accurately

- Each completed entry will get 15 seeds, the first 6 to complete the safari will receive additional bonus seeds!

- Only open to residents of South Africa

- SACNU or SACNU's administrators won't be held responsible for the prizes

- Facebook does not carry any responsibility in this competition and can not be held liable for any problems or inconvenience

- All normal SACNU rules apply

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