Favourite brands 2019 - poll results

These polls represent the aggregate votes from the South African Cloth Nappy Users group polls that ran during the month of November 2019. It's not necessarily the best brands, but the voters' favourite ones.

Your favourite will depend on what you determine as most important as well as your lifestyle, so it may differ from these results. That is why we always recommend you try a variety of brands and types.

Lots of factors determine why each individual voted for a certain brand. For this reason we refined the results a little bit more using the extra information gathered in our polls (same as previous year).


This allowed us to break down the results by type to indicate the following:

- the overall favourite

- favourite for the power user category (defined as those users who have tried more than 3 brands in that category 

- favourite for users who regard price as the most important factor

- favourite for users who regard absorbency as the most important factor 

- favourite for users who regard fit as the most important factor

To improve the quality of the results, in all cases (with exception of newborn cloth) we only took into account votes from users who had tried more than one brand (for that type). 

Voters could vote for any brand of their choosing in each category, though only one vote per category was allowed. The administrators of the poll did not provide voters with a list of brands to choose from.

Some interesting demographic results from our polls to give further perspective on the voter base:



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