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Cloth Parent Q&A - Fern LaHoud

Welcome back to our Cloth Parent Q&A series. We will be featuring "regular" (for lack of better word!) cloth moms & dads to share their cloth journeys with us and tell us a little bit about themselves.

Read on to see what Fern LaHoud has to say about cloth. I especially love her advice for new cloth parents!

Q: How long have you been using cloth nappies?

A: 4 months full time

Q: How/where/when did you first hear about cloth nappies?

A: I first heard of them with my first pregnancy I stumbled across a few YouTube videos from America talking about them and going through a wash routine.

Q: Why did you decide to use cloth nappies?

A: I first decided to use them with my first pregnancy because I thought they were funky and the idea of a modern cloth nappy seemed perfect. I didn't get to meet my first child, so with my first born(second pregnancy) I had to go cloth. It was just right. I also had a better picture of the financial constraint it would have placed on me to put my child in sposies.*

Q: What was the most surprising thing about using cloth nappies?

A: The biggest surprise was the fact that it is so easy. Looking after a baby full time and doing full time cloth, keeping my house relatively clean and working part time, keeps me insanely busy but cloth is easy. It was a surprise when I realised that diaper laundry was therapeutic.

Q: What is the most challenging thing about cloth nappies for you? And how did/do you overcome it?

A: Solid poops, or not so solid but no longer breastmilk poops. But with a fleece liner nothing keeps my boy out of cloth and if it's a particularly horrific poop I chuck the liner. No regrets.

Q: Your advice to anyone just starting out or considering cloth nappies:

A: Just go for it. Don't dilly dally. Get some second hand ones, use all your sposies*, and put curlers in your hair so you cannot go to the shop, and do cloth. Just do it. It is easy. You have the entire internet to help you trouble shoot. Most moms (some hot cloth Pappas too) on Facebook are always willing to help figure it out. Between us all we rarely don't have an answer.

* disposable nappies

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