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You have saved the Rhino on the Biddykins website, now go to the SACNU group here and post under the correct topic and follow these instructions:

1. Find an item you have that you bought from Biddykins*

2. Take a photo

3. Post on the designated topic and tell us why you love Biddykins

* If you do not own any Biddykins items, go to their website here and find your favourite Biddykins product, find something in your house to represent the favourite product (or print of the product) and take a photo. Post your photo and explain the relation to your favourite Biddykins product

Rhino _ Biddykins.png

This game is only valid from Tuesday 12:00, 22  November to Wednesday 12:00, 23 November 2022

If you would like to get involved in real life to save a rhino have a look on:

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