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Try My Nappy


Have you ever wished you could try out a brand or type before you buy? We know that starting out can be intimidating: there are so many options, where do I start?

SACNU brings you Try My Nappy - a rental service that lets you try before you buy. 

Newborn Pack 1 - R200*


Consists of:


- Disana cotton wrap

- Buttons PUL cover

- 2 x Mother Nature fitteds

- Mother Nature AIO

- Pokkelokkie Fleece soaker (medium)

- Pokkelokkie Hemp flat (S)

Newborn pack2.jpg

Newborn Pack 2 - R200*


Consists of:


- Grovia prefold & wetbag

- Grovia AIO

- Mother Nature AIO

- Mother Nature fitted & insert

- Mother Nature PUL cover (velcro)

- Pokkelokkie Grey snapless fitted

- Snappi 

OSFM All-in-2 Pack - R200*

Consists of:

- Weegro PUL cover with insert and sleeve

- Rumparooz PUL cover

- Best Bottom PUL

- Buttons PUL cover

-  Purple AI2

- Grovia  Soaker set

- Buttons insert sets

Pockets pack.jpg

OSFM Pocket Pack - R200*

Consists of:

- 2 x Charlie Banana pockets

- 2 x Fluff Bums pockets

- Grovia wetbag

Variety pack1.jpg

OSFM Variety Pack 1 - R200*

Consists of:

- Bam+boo PUL cover & trifold

- Charlie Banana pocket 

- Flip PUL cover

- Fluff Bums Pocket

- Grovia Prefold

- Grovia AIO 

Variety pack2.jpg

OSFM Variety Pack 2 - R200*

Consists of:

-  Trifold

- Charlie Banana pocket

- Grovia AIO

- Grovia Prefold

- Grovia  shell with soaker set

- Mini Matters Terry fitted

- Mother Nature PUL cover (velcro)

- Weegro PUL Cover

OSFM Variety Pack 3 - R200*


Consists of:

- Buttons Insert set

- Capri PUL cover

- Flip AI2

- Fluff Bums Pocket

- Grovia shell with soaker set

- Grovia Prefold

- Mother Nature PUL cover (velcro)

Flats pack.jpg

OSFM Flats Pack - R200*


Consists of:

-  Wetbag

-  Cotton flannel flat (receiver)

-  Hemp fleece booster

-  Snappi

- Bam+boo PUL Cover

- Kanini Trifold

- Pokkelokkie Hemp flat blue (L)

- Poopsy Daisy Cotton Fleece flat (L), Cotton Fleece prefold (L) & Softshell cover

OSFM - one size fits most


The rental term is 2 weeks for R200, shipping not included.

* A deposit to the value of the nappies is required and will be refunded upon the safe return of all items. 

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