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Why use cloth nappies?

Why use cloth nappies? SACNU
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Here are the top reasons our members gave for why they choose cloth nappies:

"Because it's pretty, it saves money and you can use it for another baby without switching sizes."

"It's chemical free: disposables contain so many chemicals which go directly against my baby's private parts. Research shows these chemicals could affect fertility."

"I use cloth because it saves money. It's kinder on the earth and once you use cloth, you realise that they do not stink!"

"I've had no rash since using cloth nappies."

"They are healthier, cheaper and best of all they don't sag."

"I love it because to me it is so much more than a nappy. It becomes a special component of parenthood. Of course it smells less, looks prettier and I don't put chemicals on my baby's bum, but it's also the fact that each nappy has a set of memories and milestones attached to it. My little girl has favourites, we play and talk about each nappy when we change. As a working mom, it also makes me feel like I'm doing something super right for my girl. Doing the nappy laundry is an act of love to me, something special that we share."

"The friendships that started due to cloth nappies"

"It's less wasteful - I don't contribute towards landfills."

"Good for the environment, no pollution, healthier for babies and more breathable."

"It makes me feel like a supermom! It's the best for my boy and I'm saving the world."

"Poopsplosions be gone!" Note: Due to the elastics, if fit is correct, runny newborn poop won't leak.

"I love that cloth diapering has become a family affair. Daddy does the rinse, mummy does the wash and dry and big sister does the pocket stuffing for mum to put on baby's brother's bum. Plus, it doesn't hurt that cloth diapering fits in with our goal to minimise our impact on this planet."

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