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Abbreviations and Definitions

Get a cup of coffee, put the baby on the boob, put your feet up - this is a long one! Abbreviations are listed alphabetically under the relevant departments for convenience

Most Frequently Used Abbreviations

  • AIO:  All-in-One

  • AI2:  All-in-Two

  • Fluff:  Nickname for cloth nappies 

  • Fluffmail:  Receiving cloth nappies you ordered online eg: I have fluffmail!

  • FOTW:  Fluff on the way

  • MCN:  Modern cloth nappy

  • NB:  Newborn

  • NIP:  New in Package

  • OSFA:  One Size fits all (usually actually OSFM)

  • OSFM:  One Size fits most

  • OTB:  On the bum

  • PIF:  Pay it forward

  • RAOK:  Random Act of Kindness  

  • WAHM:  Work at Home Mom

All Abbreviations and Definitions

  • AIO:  All-in-One

  • AI2:  All-in-Two

  • Aplix (Also known as hook & loop):  It's just the type of closure method and refers to nappies that fasten with velcro

  • AWJ:  Athletic wicking jersey, a type of fabric (used as stay-dry layer in some nappies)

  • Booster:  Any extra insert/fabric added to a cloth nappy for additional absorbency

  • Boingo:  A type of snappy, it's used with a flat, prefold or fitted to fasten the nappy on to baby

  • CD:  Cloth diaper/nappy

  • Cloth wipes:  Washable alternative to disposable wipes (aka wetwipes)

  • Cloth wipe solution:  Can be as simple as plain water or water with a little baby wash and a few drops of oil added

  • Contour:  Similar to a fitted nappy, but with no attached fasteners (ie snaps or velcro). Can be with or without leg and waist elastics. Requires a fastener (snappy/boingo/pins) and a waterproof cover

  • Cover:  Waterproof layer, shaped like a nappy to go over an absorbent nappy like a prefold, flat, fitted. Can also be used with an insert laid in, similar to an AI2

  • CV:  Cotton velour, a type of fabric typically used against the skin in fitteds/hybrid fitteds

  • Delaminating:  When the plastic coating on PUL or TPU covers separates from the fabric. This can happen due to an incorrect washing routine (temperatures over 60C, repeated soaking) or a manufacturing fault (in which case it will delaminate quite soon and needs to be replaced by the retailer)   

  • De-NIP:  Put a new nappy on baby for the first time, ie the nappy is no longer NIP (New in Package)

  • Diaper pail:  Nappy bucket used to store soiled nappies

  • Diaper sprayer:  Sprayer attachment connected to your toilet, used to spray poop off nappies (bidet sprayer)

  • Double leg gusset:  Double row of elastics around the legs, most often found on covers

  • Dry bucket/pail:  Bucket to store nappies in until wash day. Dry bucket refers to the fact that there is no soaking of nappies involved

  • Dunk & swish:  Getting rid of the poop in/on a cloth nappy by swirling it around in the toilet bowl before putting it in your dry bucket

  • EBF:  Exclusively Breast Fed (normally used to refer to runny newborn poop)

  • EC:  Elimination Communication

  • FDR:  Fold down rise (used on fitteds/hybrid fitteds to adjust the size of the nappy)

  • Fluff:  Nickname for cloth nappies 

  • Fluffmail:  Receiving cloth nappies you ordered online eg: I have fluffmail!

  • FOE:  Fold over elastic

  • FOTW:  Fluff on the way

  • Hook & loop:  The generic name for what we commonly refer to as Velcro (which is actually a brandname) 

  • Insert:  Absorbent part (usually rectangle shaped and consisting of a few layers) of a pocket nappy. Also sometimes used interchangeably with booster

  • Lanolise:  The process to make a wool soaker water repellant

  • Laundry tabs:  Little squares of fabric on the inside top of a nappy with velcro/hook & loop fastening which enables you to fasten the velcro to it so that the velcro doesn't hook on other items in the wash.

  • LG:  Little girl

  • LB:  Little boy

  • Liner:  Cloth (fleece) or disposable liner placed inside a cloth nappy (closest to the skin) to help catch poop, protect your nappy from cloth-unsafe bumcreams or stains or as a stay-dry layer to keep baby's skin dry

  • LO:  Little one

  • Longies:  Nappy cover/soaker made of wool, in the shape of long pants. For use over fitteds

  • Loones:  Cloth nappy friendly pants made from stretchy cotton knit/lycra, featuring a bum circle on the back. Available as shorts (shortiloones), long pants (maxaloones) or with a skirt attachment (skirtiloones)

  • MCN:  Modern cloth nappy

  • MF:  Microfibre. A type of fabric mostly used in inserts, usually for pocket nappies

  • Microsuede:  Type of fabric typically used as interior lining in pockets, provides a stay-dry effect (refer "stay-dry)

  • Natural fibres:  Fabric made from naturally occurring resources - eg cotton, hemp. Natural fibres require prepping in order to reach maximum absorbency (see "prepping")

  • NB: Newborn

  • OBV:  Organic Bamboo Velour

  • OBF:  Organic Bamboo Fleece

  • OS:  One Size

  • OSFA:  One Size fits all (usually actually OSFM)

  • OSFM:  One Size fits most

  • OTB:  On the bum

  • Padfolded:  A type of flat/prefold fold. A flat/prefold is fold into an insert-sized rectangle in order to stuff it into a pocket, lay it in a cover or add it to any other nappy for extra absorbency. This is done by folding the flat in half (top to bottom, in half again (left to right), and finally into thirds

  • Pail liner:  A waterproof bag used as lining in your nappy bucket. This bag can be washed with your cloth nappies 

  • PIF:  Pay it forward

  • PL:  Potty Learning - Similar to potty training, but the emphasis is on the child playing an active or leading role in becoming independent in the bathroom (so no active potty teaching)

  • PT:  Potty Training

  • Prepping:  The process of washing and drying natural fibres several times in order to increase absorbency. Natural fibres are considered fully prepped after 6 - 8 washes. The nappy can be worn in between washes during the prepping stage, just be aware that you will need to change it sooner due to the absorbency not being at maximum yet

  • PUL:  Polyurethane Laminate - an outer waterproof fabric

  • RAOK:  Random Act of Kindness  

  • Repelling:  Instead of absorbing liquid, the fabric pushes liquid away, leading to leaks. This is usually caused by using non-cloth safe bum creams and/or using softener on your nappies 

  • SAHM:  Stay at home mom 

  • SDR:  Snap-down rise. This is commonly found on OSFM nappies and consists of 3 or 4 rows of snaps on the front of the nappy which can be snapped down to adjust the rise/size

  • Serged:  Overlocked edging on a nappy, usually found on fitteds/hybrid fitteds 

  • Shell:  See cover and AI2. Usually used to refer to the cover part of an AI2

  • Shorties:  Nappy cover/soaker made of wool, with short legs (ie shaped like shorts). For use over fitteds

  • SIO:   Similar to an AIO, but with an insert that snaps in instead of being sewn in

  • Snappi:  A fastener with three legs and hooks on each end, used in place of pins to fasten a prefold/flat or snapless fitted onto baby         

  • Sposie:  Disposable nappy

  • Stash:  Collection of cloth nappies

  • Stay-dry:  Refers to the fabric touching baby's skin wicking moisture away from baby's bum to provide a stay-dry effect. Examples of stay-dry fabrics are microsuede, fleece and athletic wicking jersey. Commonly used as the interior lining in pockets or for reusable liners

  • Stripping:  Getting rid of ammoniah/softener build-up on a cloth nappy --> refer to the "how to strip my nappies" page under the  "Washing" tab 

  • Stuff:  Placing an insert inside the pocket opening of a pocket nappy

  • Sun/Sunning:  Hanging nappies in direct sunlight to get rid of stains

  • TPU:  Thermoplastic Polyurethane - waterproof layer, similar to PUL (the process of manufacturing is just a little different)

  • Trifold:  Folding a prefold into thirds, lengthways. The trifolded prefold can now be simply placed in a cover (this functions similarly to an AI2 system), stuffed into a pocket or used to add additional absorbency to any nappy.

  • TTO:  Tea-tree oil

  • Turned and topstitched (T&T):  The edges of the nappy are hemmed in such a way that the raw edges are hidden inside 

  • WAHM:  Work at Home Mom

  • Wet bucket/pail:  Bucket with water in which nappies are soaked before wash day. This is NOT recommended for modern cloth nappies

  • Wet bag:  Waterproof bag used to store dirty nappies while out and about

  • Wicking:  Wetness from inside the cloth nappy seeps out to the outside of the nappy. This is more common with nappies that have hidden PUL and an outer layer of absorbent fabric eg cotton 

  • WOHM:  Work out of home mom

Cloth Nappy Brand Abbreviations

  • BB:  Best Bottoms or Bottombumpers or Blueberry

  • BG:  Bumgenius

  • BGE:  Bumgenius Elemental

  • CT:  Cherub Tree

  • DB:  Dooblebums/Doodlebooty

  • ENS:  Eco Nappy Solutions

  • FP:  Fancypants

  • FF:  Funky Fluff

  • PD:  Poopsy Daisy

  • RAR:  Rumparooz

  • S'bish/Sloomb:  Sustainable Babyish

  • UB:  Ubuntu Baby

Buy/Sell/Trade Related Abbreviations

  • BST:  Buy/sell/trade 

  • DISO:  Desperately in search of

  • EUC: E xcellent Used Condition 

  • FROR:  First right of refusal

  • FSO:  For sale only

  • FSOT:  For sale or trade

  • GUC:  Good used condition

  • ISO:  In Search of

  • MMARO:  Make me a reasonable offer

  • NIP:  New in Package

  • NOOP:  New out of packaging

  • NWT:  New with tag

  • NWOT:  New without tag

  • Play condition:  still usable, well used, may need some repair like replacing elastics

  • PPD:  Postage paid (usually US)

  • VGUC:  Very good used condition

What does the term "Score" mean?

To "Score" a nappy you have either purchased a much desired and or rare nappy in a pre-loved state or you have managed to purchase a brand new limited edition nappy on a Stocking through FB, Hyenacart or other online portals by yourself or with help from friends who are "stalking" for you


What does the term "Stalking" mean?

To 'Stalk" simply means you have either been requested by another to assist in the possible scoring of a nappy on a stocking, or you have requested the help of another in your own quest.  The stalker can be extra hands to try land a nappy into the shopping cart before they all disappear within seconds.  It is then up to the purchaser to put the payment through asap to ensure the purchase


What is a "Stocking"?

A "stocking" is when a retailer/wahm has stocked their store with products to buy.  Normally WAHMs sew a lot of nappies for a stocking.  Once they have made several products to sell they will announce on their store's page (website or Facebook page) when the next stocking will be.  At the time of the stocking all products goes live on the website or Facebook page.  On a website it will be products that have been added to the site and on a Facebook page it is normally a photo album with details on each photo about the specific product.  Interested parties then can add the products to their cart to purchase (online store) or comment on the photo (Facebook page) to score the product.  Popular brands are normally sold out in minutes.

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