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Cloth Tips and Tricks

Washing tips


- Make sure your front loader is 3/4th full

- Make sure your toploader has a "soup" consistency, nappies shouldn't drown in the water

- Sunning works great to remove stains

- Always do a pre-rinse, this is to remove the pee from nappies. Without a pre-rinse you are essentially washing in pee water

Wasing cloth napies in a front loader south africa
Wahin moder cloh nappies south africa

How to use a OS (one-size) pocket on a newborn


Thanks to Andre and Sherayne from Fluff Bums for this unique hack to use a OS nappy on a newborn. Have a look here for more on using cloth on a newborn


The sun is great at treating stains! Dry nappies in the sun, stain facing outwards and your nappies will be sparkling white again. This image shows cloth nappies before and after drying in the sun

Also consider getting a diaper sprayer which makes poop clean up a non-issue!

Soiled nappies - The Drop, Roll & Snap.

How to fold up a poopy nappy and pop it into your wetbag without getting poop everywhere. Lay your used wipes on top of the soiled area and then roll up like a disposable and snap it shut

Leak-Free Tip

Make sure you fold your inserts so that they cover the wetzone. For girls it is usually in the middle, and for boys in the front. Tummy sleepers also benefit from inserts folded in the front. Find more leak-free tips here

Get a stay-dry feeling

Cut up a baby fleece blanket (no need to overlock as fleece doesn't fray). See how to make your own by following our sew-along. Fleece repels water away from baby's bum to keep your baby's bum dry

Easy Cleaning, fewer rashes! Cloth Wipes!

Cloth wipes can be made from any absorbent fabric (flannel or micro-terry works well) or you can buy baby face cloths. Add a spray bottle to make cleaning even easier or you can wet the cloth wipes, squeeze excess liquid out and keep them moist in a wipes container (or tupperware or ziplock bag).  You can add some coconut oil or baby soap to the water if you wish. Make your own, see how here

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