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Cloth tips & tricks

Washing tips


  • Make sure your front loader is 3/4 full

  • Make sure your toploader has a "soup" consistency, nappies shouldn't drown in the water

  • Sunning works great to remove stains

  • Always do a pre-rinse, this is to remove the urine from nappies. Without a pre-rinse you are essentially washing in urine water


The sun is great at treating stains! Dry nappies in the sun, stain facing outwards and your nappies will be sparkling white again. Have a look at the gallery below for images showing nappies before and after drying in the sun. You can also use reusable fleece liners which are easier to clean and will prevent stains on your nappies.

Also consider getting a diaper sprayer which makes poop clean up a non-issue!

Leak-Free Tip

Make sure you fold your inserts so that they cover the wetzone. For girls it is usually in the middle, and for boys in the front. Tummy sleepers also benefit from inserts folded in the front. Find more leak-free tips here

See the infographics below for more tips

Potty Learning

Babies that are trusted and supported will potty learn on their own, read through these Useful Resources: 

1. Visible Child - Toilet training in one simple step

2. Babble - The Dangers of Potty Training too Early

3. Potty Training tips from a Mom of 6  (by Naomi Mitchell)

4. Janet Lansbury - Three Reasons Kids Don't Need Toilet Training (and what to do instead)

5. Some myths busted by a pediatric urologist: Potty training by a pediatric urologist

Elastic Replacements

Sometimes it will be necessary to replace the elastics of your nappies, generally they should at least last for 2 years, contact your supplier if they deteriote prematurely, except if it is due to user error.


What can cause elastics to deteriote prematurely? Soaking, washing on hot or tumble drying on hot


Youtube has very helpful videos on replacing any brand’s elastics, google the nappy you want to fix and you will get a handy guide. 

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Baby Apparel

A cloth nappy should be put on slightly different to a disposable. See how here

Baby With Shoes

We recommend getting a variety stash in type and brand


Having a cloth info day? Need to teach someone the basics of cloth nappies? Want to add an introduction to cloth nappies in your prenatal classes? Or maybe you just want to empower a friend with some cloth nappy information? Then this booklet is for you!

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