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Wool Care

Wool covers were once in fashion when our grandparents had kids. With the rise of the cloth nappy again, they are now back in fashion. To use wool as a cover, it needs to be made from 100% pure (merino) wool.


Wool covers are cool for the following reasons:

  • They are natural fibres which most cloth moms love.

  • They are very breathable, allowing air to flow through the nappy, preventing rash.

  • They are able to absorb fluid AND clean themselves.

  • They only need to be washed every 3-6 weeks.

  • They make great covers when everything else is leaking.

  • Night nappies covered with a wool soaker does not smell due to the breathability.

  • They can be made at home with 100% natural wool. For patterns to do it yourself, have a look here.

wool washing.png
Lanolise (2).png

Failproof tips for lanolising wool:

  • Emulsify lanolin in a small batch (200ml) with boiling water. First add the emulsifying agent and dissolve completely, then add the lanolin

  • Make sure the lanolin mix and the big bowel of water is the same temperature before you mix them to create a lanolin bath

  • To cool down the lanolin mix, use ice cubes - cold water will cause the lanolin mix to make white flakes, but ice cubes will cool it down without creating flakes

  • A successful lanolin mix looks like milk

The only downside is that they need to be lanolised every time they are washed. Lanolin is the natural oil found in sheep which makes the wool soaker waterproof. Watch this video for the how-to on lanolising your wool soaker. 

Making lanolin.png
Wool excess moisture.png
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