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Information Booklets

Having a cloth info day? Need to teach someone the basics of cloth nappies? Want to add an introduction to cloth nappies in your prenatal classes? Or maybe you just want to empower a friend with some cloth nappy information? Then this booklet is for you!

You can download the booklets from the links on this page, since we are all about being environmentally friendly, we suggest you guide your class members to rather download the booklet on their smart phones than to print it out. You are however allowed to print and distribute it if you wish. Just note that these booklets are copyright of SACNU so do not alter them in any way or remove our branding please.

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Cloth nappies 101 booklet:
1. WHY do people use cloth nappies?
2. Sounds great! So how do I start? 
3. WHAT type of nappy should you use? 
3. HOW to wash cloth nappies?
4. FAQs.

Types of cloth nappies 101 booklet:

Contains details on the different types of nappies for a quick

reference on AIOs, SIOs, Pockets, AI2s, Hybrid Fitteds, Fitteds,

Prefolds and Flats.


A big thank you to Michelle McCann Photography for the beautiful cover photo for the booklet (used with permission)

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