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We understand that parenting can be overwhelming on its own. Now add a huge, diverse world of cloth nappies and your brain might start spinning. 

That's why we have created a basic introduction to all things cloth. Explore our introduction video and cloth nappy cheat sheet. When you are ready, you can read about each subject in more detail

Click Here to watch an introductory video on cloth nappies.

Why use cloth nappies?

"Because it's pretty, it saves money and you can use it for another baby without switching sizes."

Why use cloth nappies?

"I use cloth because it saves money. It's kinder on the earth and once you use cloth, you realise that they do not stink like disposables!"

Why use cloth nappies?

"My baby has had no rash since using cloth nappies."
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Holding Plant

Disposable nappies are convenient, but what is the impact on our landfills?

Creative Thoughts

What is fact and what is myth? You might be surprised!


Newborns can go through a lot of nappies, and we do mean A LOT! Have a look at our general guide on using cloth nappies on a newborn

Baby Cuddles

Find our guide on using cloth nappies at Day Cares, Day Moms and Créches

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