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To have a good cloth washing routine you need to ensure that 4 elements are working in balance:

  • Time

  • Agitation

  • Temperature and

  • Chemical Action (detergent)

To see an ideal washing routine, look on the How to Wash Cloth page. Always keep these 4 elements in balance when doing your washing. Keeping the basic washing routine in mind, you will have to make the following additional adjustments in these scenarios:

  • Cold Wash Adjustments: If you wash in cold water, you need to increase the amount of detergent you use (Use more detergent than the recommended amount of detergent for heavily soiled for the specific brand of detergent). 

  • Gentle Detergent Adjustments: If you want to use a gentle detergent (for eg Sunlight Baby Detergent) you need to increase the temperature and/or increase the time you wash (maybe add an additional short wash after the long wash) 

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How to prep cloth nappies:

Personal preference: Wash new cloth nappies before the first use (to ensure it's clean after being stored and transported).


Synthetic fibres like microfibre will be at full absorbency capacity from the start. Natural fibres like bamboo, hemp, cotton, flannel etc only reach max absorbency after 8-10 washes. In order to save water (and time!) we recommend prepping cloth nappies on the bum, so you prep cloth nappies as you use it. Just keep in mind that natural fibres' absorbency improve significantly after the first few washes (as the natural oils wash out). Change quicker the first few times you use the unprepped cloth to account for the compromised absorbency. All types of cloth nappies can be washed together.

Preloved Cloth Nappies: It's recommended to bleach/GSE strip your preloved cloth nappies to make sure there is no nasties on them.

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How to clean your Front-loader:

​It's good practice to regularly clean your Front-loader to avoid build up of detergent and to ensure filters are clear and clean so that it washes your cloth nappies optimally. Follow cleaning instructions here:

Ratio and drum clean Source:

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