A pocket nappy consists of a waterproof cover with a pocket lining sewn in with either one or two openings in the lining; The pocket lining can either be made from synthetic fabric (stay-dry) or natural fibres. Inserts are stuffed into the pocket lining. Inserts absorb the urine. Inserts can be made of a variety of fabrics, the most popular being microfibre, bamboo and hemp.


  • Widely available

  • Affordable

  • Quick drying



  • It can get tedious to stuff pockets

  • You need to remove soiled inserts before washing (with pockets that have 2 openings in the pocket lining, the inserts agitate out in the wash)

  • Not an ideal option for night time cloth if baby is more than a light wetter at night

  • The entire nappy (cover and inserts) need to be washed after each use


How many do I need for fulltime use?

You would need about 24 pockets to wash every second day. Note: Sizing - OSFM will only start fitting when baby is 5+kg. For newborn phase you would need 32 nb pockets to wash every second day. Just note that newborn pockets have a very small insert and, therefore, nappies that can absorb fully (eg fitteds, prefolds and flats) are recommended for newborn stage since it can cope better with the output

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