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Mother with her Baby

Prefold Folds

Prefolds are versatile and can be used in a number of ways. We especially like prefolds for newborn stage. Newborn prefolds can be used as boosters in your older baby/toddler stash. Read more about prefolds here.

The fabrics: There are several different types of fabrics that can be used to make prefolds, eg skinny cotton fleece, Indian cotton, hemp etc. You can read more about the different Fabric options here. 

Padfold Prefold

This works great for out & about or for quick changes at home, it's easy and simple. No snappy required.

1. Prefold

2. Fold one side in

3. Fold both sides in

4. Adjust rise if necessary

5. Place in a cover or stuff a pocket

prefold padfold.jpg

Jelly Fold

The jelly fold is great to contain runny newborn poop.

1. Prefold

2. Roll in sides

3. Snappy on baby

prefold je;.jpg

Bikini Twist fold

Some like this fold for girls as it concentrates the absorbency in the middl

1. Prefold

2. Twist prefold

3. Optional: Fold top down to adjust rise

prefold bikini.jpg
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Angel Fold

One of the most well known prefold folds. Easy and quick to snappy on baby. Start with a prefold and then just flair the back open

1. Prefold

2. Padfold

3. Flair top open

4. Adjust rise if needed

5. Snappy on baby

prefold angel.jpg

Newspaper Tweak

This is a variation on the angel fold an a way to adjust the rise.

prefold newspaper fold.jpg

Safari Fold

prefold safari.jpg
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