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Itching to try your hand at some DIY cloth nappy solutions? 

Join our sew-along for tutorials here.

We've rounded up some interesting links, tips and tricks below. Let's go!

DIY Flats

Making your own flats is super easy.


You'll need the following:

  • an over-locker

  • scissors

  • absorbent fabric (flannel, cotton or winter weight hemp jersey works well)

Wash your fabric in warm water to allow for shrinkage, then cut squares of 70 x 70 cm (or 50 x 50 cm for a newborn) and over-lock the edges. Remember they will reach maximum absorbency over the next 8 washes.

Receiving blanket flats (no-sew)


If you don't have an over-locker, we've got your back. 

Simply use a receiving blanket (the tag should say 100% cotton) as a flat nappy. Fold one edge in to make a square and proceed with any flat fold. They make wonderfully trim and absorbent flats and the best part is that you get the prettiest prints too! Be sure to wash it a couple times first to reach full absorbency potential.

Re-use old T-shirts (no-sew)

You could use T-shirts as cloth nappies!  The T-shape of t-shirts actually make them really easy.  They are a little stretchy too so give you a nice and snug fit. The pictorial below left illustrate how to fold a t-shirt and fit it on a toddler. For a smaller baby, simply fold the bottom half up more to shorten the rise and pinch the crotch area and fold inwards for a snugger fit between baby's legs - refer pictorial on the right.

This is also a great hack when you run out of nappies unexpectedly.

More detailed instructions can be found in the following links:  

Instructables - T-shirt-Diaper


The Eco Friendly Family - Emergency Diapers


Penniless Parenting - Cloth Diapering for Penniless Parents

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Make your own prefolds

If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can easily whip up some prefolds. 

Very Baby - Sew a Prefold Diaper the  Real Way


Adventures in Fluff - Upcycled t-shirt winged prefolds


Make your own fitted nappies

If you have access to a sewing machine, you can try your hand at making your own fitted nappies. This pattern is for a snapless fitted, but you can easily add snaps  and adjust the size using a fold down rise. 

Classic Rita's Rump Pocket


DIY inserts

Inserts are basically just layers of absorbent fabric. So keeping that in mind, you can use almost anything as a diy insert. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Receiving blankets - simply padfold (ie fold in quarters and again in thirds) and use in a pocket or cover.

  • Microfibre towels - fold into thirds (depending on size) and use to stuff pockets. Remember microfibre cannot be used directly against the skin.

Of course you can also cut the fabric into layers of  insert size and sew them together, however they will take longer to dry when sewn together. For quick drying, single layers are best.


You may also find this discussion on absorbent fabrics useful.

DIY fleece liners (no-sew)

Making your own reusable liners couldn't be easier. You don't even need a sewing machine. 

Grab a fleece blanket or buy some fleece (polar or micro)from your local fabric shop and cut rectangles roughly as long as your nappy (laid flat) and about as wide as the crotch area.

And you're done!

Fleece covers/soakers


There are a few posts on the internet (just ask Google) that will help you to make your own fleece cover.  No sewing skills required!  All you need is a pair of scissors.  You will cut out the shape and just tie it to your little one.  Fleece is also great when you are trying out night time solutions.  Let baby sleep on a fleece blanket.  In case there are leaks, at least the bed might stay dry! ;-)


Dirty diaper Laundry - No Sew Fleece cover (YouTube tutorial)

Of if you prefer to use a sewing machine for a neater finish, try Katrina's Free Soaker Pattern. (Note: Most people who have made this recommend making the rise a bit longer in the back to fit better over night nappies).


For fleece longies, try Katrina's Fleece Longies. pattern (free). Perfect for winter!

Adventures in Fluff - How to Sew your own fleece (or wool) soakers 

(includes video tutorial & uses the Katrina's Free soaker pattern linked above)

Adventures in Fluff - How to Sew your own fleece longies

(includes video tutorial)

DIY Wool Covers/Soakers

Here is some of our favourite patterns to make your own wool soakers.

Remember that wool soakers needs to be made from 100% pure (merino) wool


Frantic Mama (Free) Knit

Vanilla Cover (Paid) Knit

Turtle Butt (Paid) Knit

Pairfect Pants (Paid) Knit

Monster Longies (Free) Knit

Easy Crochet All Night  Soaker Patter

DIY cloth wipe solution

Looking for something more than plain water to wet your cloth wipes with.? Try this DIY solution that gets stored in a handy cube form.

For more info on what cloth wipes are and how they work, have a look in our FAQ section.

DIY Bum Cream (Cloth Safe)

Here is a great, simple recipe for making your own bum balm. You should be able to find the ingredients at your local health shop or Dischem.: 

Simply Real Moms - DIY baby butt balm 

DIY Baby Legwarmers 


These are great for transitional weather in Spring or Autumn, to keep baby's legs warm and still make nappy changes easy (no taking off/putting on of pants). Also great as extra layer under pants for chilly winter days.


Adventures in Fluff - DIY baby legs 

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