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For everyone that wants to make their own cloth nappy products, Nancy Clifton-Powell from Squish & Co did some sew-along tutorials.

1. Fleece Liners

What fabric will you need: Microfleece or Polar Fleece for a staydry effect. (You can use flannel if baby is sensitive to synthetic fabric)

Size: Mine are quite big but it's a personal preference (they are 33 x 14cm) I find it easier to have a template instead of measuring each one individually.

You don't have to sew fleece liners as fleece doesn't fray, but it does look prettier! Alternatively, you can use a pinking shears (zig zag scissor, I think I paid R250 for mine) to make it prettier.


OK, if you are going to sew them its super easy, I like rounded corners but you could do square. If overlocking, remember to finish off the ends. Some people use fray stop, you can also burn them (be very careful) some sew the thread down. I unravel mine, knot the loopers with the needles and then thread through the stitching. Please ask here if you have questions.

Fleece can be bought from a fabric shop or you can cut up a baby fleece blanket.

DIY fleece liners (no-sew)

Making your own reusable liners couldn't be easier. You don't even need a sewing machine. 

Grab a fleece blanket or buy some fleece (polar or micro)from your local fabric shop and cut rectangles roughly as long as your nappy (laid flat) and about as wide as the crotch area.

And you're done!

Fleece covers/soakers


There are a few posts on the internet (just ask Google) that will help you to make your own fleece cover.  No sewing skills required!  All you need is a pair of scissors.  You will cut out the shape and just tie it to your little one.  Fleece is also great when you are trying out night time solutions.  Let baby sleep on a fleece blanket.  In case there are leaks, at least the bed might stay dry! ;-)


Dirty diaper Laundry - No Sew Fleece cover (YouTube tutorial)

Of if you prefer to use a sewing machine for a neater finish, try Katrina's Free Soaker Pattern. (Note: Most people who have made this recommend making the rise a bit longer in the back to fit better over night nappies).


For fleece longies, try Katrina's Fleece Longies. pattern (free). Perfect for winter!

Adventures in Fluff - How to Sew your own fleece (or wool) soakers 

(includes video tutorial & uses the Katrina's Free soaker pattern linked above)

Adventures in Fluff - How to Sew your own fleece longies

(includes video tutorial)

2. Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes are the bomb! They work a million times better than wet wipes and can get thrown in with your nappy laundry.


What fabric will you need: There really is a ton of different fabrics you can use. I have flannel mixed with towelling, velour mixed with cotton fleece etc but I definitely do prefer a double layer. I find the single layer ones a bit flimsy (personal preference).

Size: Mine are 18 x 18cm but you can make them any size you want. It will be much easier to make a template the right size.

Let's get started!This specific one is made from cotton knit with cotton fleece backing. I have made mine with rounded corners but square works perfectly fine too (remember to tie off your chains then). Find a starting point, serge on your drawn line. Serged a little chain off. I then unthread the chain, knot each looper with each needle and thread back through my stitching. Now wait for a poopy nappy! Please ask here if you have questions.

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