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How to make Sunlight Gel

Sunlight gel is made from Sunlight bar soap and can be used to clean your laundry (including cloth nappies) as an alternative to store bought detergent. 


  • If using Sunlight gel it is important to add an extra rinse after your wash cycle to ensure all the soap is rinsed out of your nappies.

  • To avoid potential soap build-up on your inlet pipe, add the gel directly to the drum instead of via the detergent tray.


1 250g bar Sunlight laundry soap (any colour)

2 litres boiling water

2 tbsp lemon juice

optional: few drops essential oils for fragrance (lavender or tea tree are good options)



Grate the Sunlight bar in a big enough container and pour over the boiling water, lemon juice and optional essential oils. Stir to dissolve the soap and leave for a few hours to set. 


When the mixture has solidified, squish it between your fingers/use a hand blender to break it up and form a gel-like texture. 

Your gel is now ready to use. For regular laundry you can use 1/2 cup of gel, for nappies use 3/4 cup. This is based on a 7kg front loader machine. If your machine has a bigger capacity, use more gel. Top loaders typically also require you to use a little more detergent.

NOTE: Boerseep can be used instead of Sunlight soap. 

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