Potty Learning tips from a Mom of 6

By Naomi Mitchell, mom of 6 (soon to be 7) beautiful children &, owner of TomFips ​ Potty training seems to scare so many mothers. When to start, how to do it, why won't my toddler do anything? Frustration, tears , miserable moms and even sadder kids. This is not how it needs to be, just like walking, talking and sleeping through the night are milestones, so is learning to use the toilet. ​ Potty training is a harsh word, toddlers learn to use the toilet and do not need to be trained. All they need is a little direction and suggestion when they are ready to reach the milestone. When will my toddler be ready? ​ They will show you! Each child is individual , some are ready at 18 months but mos

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