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Retailer Spotlight - Biddykins

First up in a new series putting the spotlight on local cloth nappy retailers - Biddykins. Stacey & Nemuel Vermeulen are the faces behind the brand which started out with pocket nappies and has since expanded to various other types of cloth nappies and products for mom as well.

Q: How/where/when did you first hear about cloth nappies?

A: A newspaper article about 6 and a half years ago... While researching for our first baby... The cost savings got us hooked initially.

Q: How long have you been using cloth nappies?

A: Almost 6 years

Q: Why did you decide to sell nappies?

A: When we started our cloth journey with baby #1 there were very few choices available in South Africa & when baby #2 came along we decided to try find something better for our own use. When I was 8 months pregnant the company hubby worked for shut, we had already been toying with the idea of starting our own range, and that was just the nudge we needed to jump in.

Q: Tell us about your biggest achievement/proudest moment in your cloth nappy business

A: We love sharing the ease and convenience of cloth with skeptical moms. Once we show them how easy it really is and help them trouble shoot, there's such joy from watching them 'get it right and enjoy their cloth journey.' We have made

hundreds of new friends along the way and often in the mall bumping into "Biddykins moms" and chatting up a storm is in itself rewarding to have made such good friends. Also having the community love and appreciate what we do and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. To get an email or whatsapp saying thanks for the extra effort makes what we do worthwhile.

A big achievement was being appointed the sole distributors in South Africa for the largest cloth nappy manufacturer - Alva Baby. Meeting them and watching our nappies in production was very exciting and a highlight of this journey for us.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have as cloth nappy WAHM/retailer?

A: Knowing when to 'switch off' - go offline. Moms need help 24/7 and we like to be available, but finding the balance between work & family has been a challenge.

Q: What do you love about the cloth nappy community/industry?

A: The willingness to help and educate new moms, the passion that everyone has for cloth and spreading the word.

Q: Brag time - tell us all about ONE of the products you sell and what makes it special. Feel free to email us a photo of the product and your logo so we can add it to the blogpost as well

A: Our custom designed Biddykins All-in-ones took 9 months to perfect, we are continuously tweaking designs and making sure that moms are getting the best nappy for their needs. Biddykins All-in-ones were the first South African custom designed All-in-ones to feature a unique combination of: flap out inserts for faster drying time, a stay dry lining against babies skin so they felt dry & comfortable with large bamboo and microfibre inserts for maximum absorption. There are 6 layers of bamboo & 2 microfibre layers making them very thirsty, trim nappies. Biddykins All-in-ones were voted the Favourite All-in-one in South Africa in 2017.

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